Live Betting

Live betting

PariMatch is one of the leaders in the market among sports betting companies! It takes very high positions and attracts attention with its convenience and variety of bets!

Live sports betting is different from betting before the match. Bets in the course of the match can quickly bring income and also quickly empty the bank. Therefore, they require more knowledge, skills, and experience from the bettor. With the right approach, a player can quickly increase the bank. For the bettor to be able to bet quickly in live betting, it is necessary to choose the right bookmaker’s office, such as PariMatch.

Professional gamblers believe that live bets are more profitable than the forecasts on the line because you can follow the match in live mode, analyze the course of the meeting and the balance.

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Live betting

To provide the most productive betting for PariMatch clients, we make an emphasis on instant information updates, and we are among the first on the market to react to any changes. That is why on the PariMatch website there are always only the latest odds. In our bookmaker office not only do the players feel comfortable, but also ordinary fans who follow the battles of favorite athletes online: the latest information about the course of the meeting, statistics, and timely updates of the quotes.

Variety of sports

We try to meet the needs of all types of clients: if you want to bet on popular soccer and hockey – sure, if you like martial arts, boxing, and wrestling – Leon is at your service if you like exotic darts and golf – no problem. This is not a complete list of areas available for betting during the meeting:

  • Soccer;
  • Hockey;
  • Tennis;
  • Cybersports;
  • Basketball;
  • Volleyball;
  • Water polo;
  • Handball;
  • Rugby.

In each sport, PariMatch offers an online prediction of top tournaments and championships as well as less important competitions. On the Parimatch website, everyone will find an interesting and profitable bet on sports.

Live betting

Wide range of bets

Apart from up-to-date odds and a few dozen directions, extensive and quality betting menus are also an important condition for successful online betting. The player of PariMatch must have the opportunity to bet during the match not only on P1, P2 and draw, but also on other options:

  • Double outcomes;
  • Handicaps;
  • Totals;
  • Individual scores;
  • Stats;
  • Exact scores;
  • Individual segment results.

This is successfully implemented in the PariMatch office: for example, for the main Champions League matches about 500 coupon variants are available, and even for the most unpopular events you can find up to 50 different positions in live betting.

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Live betting from your phone

We have developed a convenient and functional mobile version of the PariMatch site, as well as programs for smartphones on iOS and Android operating systems. Playing for money through the app is not less convenient than using a computer: you can quickly find the events you are interested in by using the “search” function and save traffic. With PariMatch you are always in the game: on trips, at work, during walks. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help by e-mail, chat, or phone.

Advantages and disadvantages of Live betting

Speaking about the advantages, first of all, we should mention the possibility of watching the game via video, audio or text broadcasts. Of course, this is a big plus, because it allows you to watch what is happening on the field, court, or court with your own eyes, to react quickly to some events affecting the course of the game, and simply to be a witness to a particular result.

Often there are situations where a referee’s decision, for example, due to the removal of a player turns the game upside down. Watching what is happening, there is an opportunity to catch a fairly lucrative offer.

Another advantage of betting in-play is their quick calculation. So, if you bet on the victory of a particular tennis player in a particular game, the result of the bet will be known in a few minutes, and you don’t have to sit for hours, days, or even months, waiting for the outcome.

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The third advantage should be called the possibility of betting on a more favorable offer. So, if a few minutes after the starting whistle or the Serena the scoreboard is still lit with zeros, the odds on the victory of one of the teams is already higher than in the pre-match.

Speaking of the disadvantages, perhaps it should be noted only the emotional component. Those new to the world of betting, as a rule, have a hard time controlling their emotions, trying to win back immediately after a bad bet. As a consequence, very quickly the deposit flows to the account of the office.

Live betting