PariMatch is one of the leaders in the market among sports betting companies! It takes very high positions and attracts attention with its convenience and variety of bets!

All the data that you specified when registering at the PariMatch bookmaker’s office can be verified for authenticity. This process is called verification and its main purpose is to exclude cheaters, minors, and other undesirable categories of players.

Verification is a very important procedure, without which it is not possible to place a bet and use other useful functions on the bookmaker’s website. Therefore, it is necessary to pass it immediately after registration, so that the creation of an account on the platform will be a complete success. Only verified users will be able to withdraw winnings from their accounts. About how to log in to the PariMatch website without difficulties, a little bit below.

Data verification
Be active

How to log in to the site for the first time PariMatch

When visiting the PariMatch site for the first time, the user first registers his account, then proceeds to the verification procedure. What verification involves:

  • There is a check of the data that the user indicated in the registration card;
  • The payment method he has chosen is analyzed – the account to which the money is withdrawn and the identity of the owner is checked;
  • The identity of the bettor is checked: the data given in the registration matches the data of the account owner;
  • Technical support of PariMatch confirms the passing of verification and the authenticity of these data;
  • If the data does not match completely or partially, you need to go through verification again.

You can make a deposit and then make your first bets immediately after registration on the PariMatch. Verification requires time, usually, this procedure takes a few days. During this time, the user of PariMatch can easily log in to his personal account on the PariMatch platform, deposit funds, if necessary, and make bets.


If the bets are successful, the amount on the account will accumulate. But it cannot be withdrawn, even if it turns out to be quite large, that is, much higher than the minimum allowed for withdrawal. Only after the user successfully passes the verification, it is possible to request a withdrawal by any of the methods available on the platform.

PariMatch verification
Don’t give up!

Verification of identity is usually carried out when the player first requests a withdrawal, but can also be initiated later after some time.

Why verification is necessary

Everyone is allowed to log in to the PariMatch account, to make bets too. But what is the point if you can withdraw money only after verification? So do not delay with the passage of this procedure. But there is another important point, confirming the need for verification, primarily in the interest of the bettor himself. It is about the security of the account and the deposit.

The fact is that even if fraudsters somehow manage to get hold of the user’s login and password and open his account, they will not be able to withdraw funds. Verified users of PariMatch have an account verified by tech support, the data of its owner matches the data in the account, and the money will not go to another account.

Is it possible to bypass verification?

It is not possible to bypass identity verification. The user of PariMatch can postpone the procedure to the moment when the withdrawal is needed. Verification is a mandatory procedure that is beneficial to both the client and the institution. The client gets confidence in the safety of his winnings, and the bookmaker gets guarantees that the account will not be hacked and the client’s money will not go into the wrong hands.

Data verification
Be brave

Account verification is a mandatory procedure in the PariMatch bookmaker’s office. You should not be afraid of verification because PariMatch bookmaker values his reputation and keeps all the data in an encrypted form, which ensures its safety. All fears concerning the illegal use of your personal information are completely unfounded – every day tens of thousands of people are checked by the PariMatch bookmaker office.

The main thing is to specify only your real data when registering, then you won’t have any problems with verification when working with a reliable bookmaker, and you will be able to withdraw your money without any problems.